Back to the future – Power lacing trainers …well kind of!

I have been writing a blog on Communities of Practice since April 2011 but I thought it was time to go public, my blog will discuss infographics and visualisation, here goes….

A well known trainer company has produced replicas of the power lacing trainer featured in Back to the Future II, they are limited to 1500 pairs and you can view the trailer for them on you tube. The trainers are being auctioned on ebay to raise money for the Michael J Fox Foundation for research into Parkinson’s Disease and are selling for upwards of $2800!

MJ Fox in Back to the future II

MJ Fox in Back to the future II

What does this have to do with infographics?! Although the link is tenuous I found an infographic produced by Moviefill on flickr which relates to time travel in films.

Another tenuous link…I recently discovered I’ve been tying my shoe laces incorrectly, see if you have  TED


ps it seems the trainers don’t actually powerlace themselves and we might have to wait a while longer for a hoverboard!


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